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 Performance Scorecard Builder – Downloading  instructions

Demo Version

Performance Scorecard Builder runs with Excel (32 bit) 2010 or 2013 (Windows) installed.

Instant Demo, free for 30 days (no registration and licensing necessary; Internet connection is needed to run the application; "Save" command is disabled). Download from here:

download performance scorecard builder demo

Full Version

Performance Scorecard Builder runs with Excel (32 bit) 2010 or 2013 (Windows) installed.

Download Full Version and License (use your Computer ID as revealed by Demo version or by Computer ID Check). The Performance Scorecard Builder (Full version), together with a licensing file for your computer will be submitted to your account and / or to your registered e-mail within maximum 1 working day (in most of the cases, the submission might be done within 5-30 minutes). Please download and copy both files in the directory where you want to use Performance Scorecard Builder, then launch the application (the executable file).

Download Performance Scorecard Builder

19 EUR One year license


Performance Scorecard Builder – Demo Version versus Full Version

 Demo VersionFull Version
Number of ObjectivesLimited to 6 (3 for each section)15 (5+10 within the two sections)
Number of Scorecards stored on the internal list7 stored, plus one DemoNot limited
Importing or restoring external lists with ScorecardsNoYes
Saving the progress within the ApplicationNoYes
Internet connection needed to runYesNo
Licesing period (Application usage period)1 month 12 months



» If a window pops up when you open the executable files, saying something like “Windows protected your PC (…) prevented an unrecognized application from starting (…)”, then please press “More Info” on that window, then press “Run anyway”.

» Many antivirus applications report by default any executable file as possible virus, then stop or delay its execution. Please add Performance Scorecard Builder and Computer ID Check on your antivirus application exception list, in order to allow them running.

» Please download the Demo version of Performance Scorecard Builder, check it and get assured that it is functional in your IT environment and that it meets your expectations, prior to downloading the Full version. If any version does not meet your requirements, we would be grateful if you send us a detailed comment regarding your experience with the application, allowing us to take improvement actions.

» In order to use Performance Scorecard Builder, the user must have a full version of Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013 – 32 bit edition installed on his computer. Performance Scorecard Builder is supplied as an executable file that runs with no installation needed.

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